Sieg Walter – CEO

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A brief article on the CEO and founder of Oxford Trading Group.


On the surface, Sieg Walter is the Chief Executive Officer of Oxford Finance Group with over 15 years of experience in crypto trading and stocks.

Sieg was born in Shuttington, United Kingdom in 1976. He was home-schooled for most of high school and graduated from Harvard college in 1998 and continued in Harvard to complete his masters of business degree in 2004 and doctorate degree in 2006. While studying, Sieg never missed an opportunity to work when the situation presented itself to do so. Studying and working helped him meet people into stock market and trading and Sieg did not stop until he began to work for them and gain knowledge.

Growing up, was not so easy for Sieg having lost his birth parents at the age of five. He was adopted by Gunter and Theresa Walter in 6th October 1989. Things began to look brighter for Sieg after that.

After receiving his education, Sieg interned with some major crypto trading companies like Binance and bit global. He began to work on trading in the company, the degrees he attained didn’t stop his zeal and quest for knowledge. With the knowledge and experience gained by which he started his own company Oxford Finance Group together with his partner.

Sieg believes in fairness and equity because as he always says “equality does not mean fairness”. Meeting the needs of the customers and the employee’s future self-seeded in making trading better that banking system and setting up investment plans with high ROI than other trading platforms. Sieg has a soft spot for people in need and seeks ways to help. Due to this, he set up a funding account where every employee needs to give to the less privileged especially orphanages. Outreaches and fundraisers are carried out at least twice a year the since the company was established, millions of lives have been saved for years.