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Yes we are.

The image above is a copy of one of our legal registration documents. 

It’s super simple! Create an account on our website, Go to your dashboard, go to the deposit section, fill in the required information, pick a plan and deposit the exact amount of funds, then sit back and watch your money GROW!

You will be immediately redirected to your dashboard after you’ve successfully logged into your account.

Yes it is possible to re-invest, but we recommend waiting for you ROI from your first investment.

We only accept payments in common cryptocurrencies like: BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT & Dogecoin. Other Payment methods were recently disabled to prevent fraudulent transactions.

Don’t worry , do not panic, we got you covered. To make sure you don’t make any losses, we make use of hedge funds using USDT and BNB, the adoption of the hedge fund¬† is to give you the best experience. It serves as an insurance for your ROI.

1% of every investment made when trading with our crypto bot is auto invested in DEX coins, some DEX coins are known to rise as high as 10000% in a 24hrs period, all you gain add up to your general gain.
Our bots are programmed in such a way that they are always on the grind 24/7 to make sure we can makeup to 200% gains from your investment in a week although you would only recieve the specified roi on your plan, the remaining is kept in a vault and used when necessary to make up for red days, So you don’t have to worry cause the company would pay you your percentage every week after deducting their fees and also paying the researchers that work to research the coin

Your profits margin would depend on your investments, depending on what you plan on achieving, cause you would be paid.

We are always at your service.